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10 Great Reasons Welsh Organics Manure Removal

May Be Just Right for You

Thank You HVSJ Sponsors!

Manure management is not typically at the top of the list of favorite things to talk about.


But it's good to know that there's an alternative to dumping or spreading manure on your own property. And, while you might assume that there's nothing to be gained (and too much to be spent) on professional manure removal, it's worth a few minutes to determine if that's really the case.

Here are 10 great reasons to consider using a manure removal service, courtesy of the experts at Welsh Organics:

  1. Reduces fly and parasite populations. That's good!

  2. Ensures that medications given to animals, which can end up in their manure, don't end up in the water table. Important!

  3. Ensures fresh manure doesn't contaminate grazing areas. Also important!

  4. Composted, properly aged manure creates nutrient-rich soil that's often re-purposed productively throughout the Hudson Valley. Nice!

  5. Your composted and aged manure can be returned to you as mulch for your own use, if you choose. Even better!

  6. Saves you time, energy and spreading at all hours and in all weather. Yesssss!

  7. Often more cost efficient than owning and maintaining your own equipment   (particularly when winters are harsh). Smart!

  8. Available for one-time clean-up jobs to ongoing take away. Options!

  9. Weekly, monthly, yearly, or on-call pick up -- your choice. Bonus!

  10. Next-day service in most cases. Call Welsh Organics today -- they'll see you tomorrow!

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